Monday, October 26, 2015

It Ends As It Began

Honestly I don't even have the enthusiasm to do an animated recap at this point.  I just wanted to mention that the most interesting thing about yesterday's 4-1 loss is that the last Rapids goal of the season was scored by the same player who scored the first goal of the season, Dominique Badji.

Later this week we'll have my normal year end wrap ups (player o the year, keep/cut lists, etc.) and I'll have a post about why I haven't bought season tickets for 2016 yet and where my current thinking is on that.

After that I'm probably going to take a long break from Rapids commentary.  The burn-out level is high at this point and I need a break from the frustration of this team.  I'll continue to update the blog with any news and should there be "big" news (leadership changes, major player movement, etc.) I'll be back with full coverage.  Given the track record of this FO though my bet is that we get a few cuts, maybe an official statement of Pablo's return, and then quiet until after the holidays.

Man of the Match: Dominique Badji.  Why not?

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