Monday, October 5, 2015

Rapids Lose Game, Win Cup!

We lost the game, we're officially out of the playoff hunt, and I don't care.  WE WON THE CUP!!!  Yeah it was ugly and yeah, a result would have been better but the Cup is back where it belongs.

From Friday:
2-1 loss. goal by Powers.  Rapids lose the game but win the Cup.  Powers makes up for his penalty kick shank in Sandy by scoring what turns out to be the Cup winning goal.  Colorado is also officially eliminated from the playoffs making the rest of the season absolutely meaningless.
Ok I had the goal-scorer wrong but other than that pretty dead on accurate.  After a great start the Rapids once again faded and allowed the opposition to come back.  Three pretty goals in this game but not much else from the good guys.

General Impressions:
  • Seriously, the Doyle goal was our only shot on target all game, just not good enough.
  • As we've seen far too often this year, the Rapids took their foot off the pedal after scoring.  They let FSL have control for the rest of the half and FSL made them pay.
  • I'm amazed Burling made it through that game.  A different ref could have shown him more than one red card.
  • The second half was a FSL team that would ahve been happy to take the Cup if we gave it to them (and we tried) but wasn't going to press for it and risk losing their 3 points.
  • Meanwhile the Rapids wanted the draw and didn't care much if it cost them the Cup.
  • Pittinari, ugh.  Let's not buy out his loan as he is not worth it.
  • Disappointed in the players after the game, especially guys like Moor and Irwin.  I know they were disappointed with losing and being eliminated from the playoffs but not taking any effort to acknowledge the fans or do a lap with the Cup is really not good enough.  Especially after it was something that was brought up multiple times in the town hall teleconference and Sam Cronin specifically said it was something he would work on both himself and with the other players as captain of the team.
  • The FSL fans broke the Cup during the game BTW.  Snapped one of the handles off of it (as you can see in my pic above).  So if you don't see it for a little while its because its getting fixed.
  • 270 minutes left before this season is finally, thankfully, over.
Man of the Match: Clint Irwin.  For that late save that preserved the Cup, duh.

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