Thursday, April 14, 2016

No, They're Not Going To See This Coming

Hat-tip to Malcolm Reynolds/Joss Whedon for the title of this one.  I'm not sure anyone saw that result coming.  Going into KC with a 4 man bench (4!) and a makeshift backline the Rapids get their first multi-goal output of the season en route to their first road win of 2016.

General Impressions:
  • That was an ugly 18, well 15, we suited up for the game.  An indictment of our roster construction.  Leaving 2 roster spots open and missing half a bench, having to play a LB at CB, having to play a RW an RB, so much for having our whole roster at the start of training camp.
  •  That said, we weren't afraid to take the game to them early.  Nobody looked good in the first half but it was the Rapids who were more aggressive.
  • neither team got a shot on goal until into the last 5 minutes of the first half where Solignac got one, then got a goal, then Gashi got one.  KC had to wait for the second half to get their first.
  • Pappa did all the work to set Solignac up on the goal.  That makes it 3 assists and a goal for Pappa on the first 4 Rapids goals of the season.  Obviously the early leader for team MVP.
  • That shouldn't take anything away from a good strike from Solignac though.  2 goals in 2 games!
  • The second half decision to park the bus was not a good one.  It might have been necessary due to our tired legs but its another example of how we can't defend a one goal lead for long periods of time (nor can most MLS squads).
  • Burling, play to the whistle, not to when you think the whistle should blow.
  • Also, don't leave Dom Dwyer completely unmarked in the box!
  • About two minutes before the sub was made I suggested putting Williams in and pushing Serna forward to a friend I was watching the game with.
  • Serna struggled on defense, no surprise since he's never really played RB and is left-footed.  He looked great in midfield though.  He did more in those ~20 minutes than Badji did all night.
  • And of course he took another one of his killer long bombs.  The shot itself nearly went in and the rebound fell right to Gashi.
  • Who hit a beautiful strike.  Many (most?) MLS players wouldn't have gotten that on target or put it close enough to the keeper to make a save.  A great way for our DP to finally open his account.
  • Also the first goal all season Pappa didn't have a hand in.
  • MacMath has the yips.  I don't trust him in goal.  Sadly I don't trust Froschauer either as a untested rookie.  Its going to be a long 10 games before Howard gets here.
  • 10 points from the 6 games Jones was under suspension.  That's a great start and honestly unexpected.  Looking at the schedule to start the season I would have been happy to have 5-6 points.
Man of the Match: Shkelzen Gashi.  Really an easy choice.  He saves one off the line on one end, scores a great goal on the other.  He essentially turned a 2-1  loss into a 2-1 win.

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