Thursday, April 7, 2016

Williams Stuck In Trinidad, Backups Injured

Some less than great news from the Post today.  The reason Mekeil Williams missed the Toronto game last weekend is that he's stuck in Trinidad due to a visa issue.  It sounds like tverything is fine at this point, he's just waiting for the slow Trindadian mail service to get him the final paperwork before he can come back Denver.  Hopefully that arrived today and he can flight straight to SLC to meet the team for Saturday's game because we're going to need him.  The article in the Post also mentions that Watts, Hairston, and St. Ledger are not expected to be available to to injury.

Without Williams that leaves us with a backline of Miller - Burling - Sjoberg - Burch and our only defensive option on the bench being Serna (who plays LB for the U-23s though he prefers right mid).

Once again that lack of center back depth is killing us.  I don't understand how we haven't solved that  issue yet.  We have an open player spot and an open international spot, yet we haven't signed anyone, not even draftee CB Dennis Castillo who is still training with the team.

Hard to blame the roster construction for a lack of fullback depth though.  You don't expect 2 injuries and a visa issue to happen at the same time, and even with that we have two natural fullbacks and Serna as a backup.

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