Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Back By Popular Demand

So at the end of last year when were were playing out the string I turned my game reviews into giphy reviews.  It was something to keep me entertained during a bad season and apparently it was quite popular as I've been asked to bring them back.  So to knock the rust off I'll try recapping Saturday's 1-1 draw with Dallas.

I've been told I should call this the review for Millennials while those older types with actual attention spans can read my detailed recap from last night. :D

Pregame weather:

Lineup has Watts in, Pappa on the bench

Ok then

Atiba Harris lines up in front of 108

Doyle and Hairston go close

Hairston scores before half by working Harris

Rapids play in the second half

Dallas scores:

Rapids leave 2 points on the field:

So, thoughts?

1 comment:

Paul Salyers said...

Disheartening. It's second halves like these where JJ could make the difference in attitude and energy alone.