Monday, July 11, 2016


Well, that game was a bit of a roller coaster.  A rough first half led to a great 2nd half offensively combined with a pair of horrible defensive decisions that resulted in a fair 2-2 result.  it was both a point gained with the last second goal and probably 2 points lost through poor decision making.

General Impressions:
  • This game was a perfect example of this team's mentality this season.  Down a goal twice and both times the team came back for the draw.  #KeepFighting
  • Jones being a late injury scratch is a bit concerning.  Still waiting for an update.
  • Williams lost his man (the tallest guy on the field for Vancouver) on the first goal.  Howard was left out to dry and still got his hand on it.
  • The rest of the first half was somewhat dull.  Once again the midfield struggled without all 3 of Jones, Pappa, and Gashi being available.
  • In a scenario such as that I wonder if a 4-4-2 with Solignac moving up front to replace the missing man of the trio wouldn't be more successful.
  • About 7 minutes before the first Rapids goal I posted that one of Pappa/Gashi/Doyle needed to step up and earn their money.  Instead of one of them stepping up Pappa fed Gashi who placed a great pass to Doyle for the goal.  That works. ;)
  • Eric Miller's red card was well earned.  I know Balboa talked about the possibility of overturn on appeal but the teams were informed before the season that the refs would be cracking down on those tackles.
  • Until the red card the Rapids really looked like they had another goal coming and had Vancouver on the back foot.  I think a win was likely without the tackle.
  • Gashi really led the charge in the 2nd half.  He was putting balls into dangerous places and was a bit unlucky not to get another assist or even a goal.
  • The PK was a debacle from Watts.  He poorly heads a ball back but not out of play, was lucky not to be called for handling while trying to recover, then puts himself in position for an easy PK call on a ball going out of play.
  • I don't think Watts really brought the Whitecaps player down, but the attacker knew he had a good shot at a PK when he felt Watts hand on his shoulder and took it.
  • Great move by Pablo to push Sjoberg up front as soon as that PK was scored.  There was nothing to be lost by losing 3-1 and getting a tall guy on a header was our most dangerous play.  And it worked.
  • Actually this is the first time this season where I think we earned points by out-coaching the other team.  All of Pablo's subs were the right ones at the right time and his tactical changes worked  outside of Watts' mistake.
  • The only times the Rapids have allowed more than one goal this season have been the games in Canada.  I don't think that's how the exchange rate is supposed to work...
  • With the draw Colorado maintains its league lead in points per game, but only by .04 over Dallas.
  • The 13 game undefeated streak is tied for the 6th longest single-season undefeated streak in league history.  Two more games without losing would put us in a tie for second. (2010 Dallas went 19 games without losing)
Man of the Match: Kevin Doyle.  A goal and an assist makes this an obvious choice though it could have gone to Howard or Gashi before that late equalizer.

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