Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Microcosm Of Almost Everything That's Wrong

This game was a microcosm of almost everything that's wrong with this team.

  • No depth as we're only using 25 of our 30 roster spots, so tired players have to play and players have to be played out of position.  This leads to injuries like we saw with Sjoberg and Gashi, who were just coming back from injury.
  • Players being coached into the wrong position. We're using Eric Miller at CB and Williams at LB. Williams plays CB for T&T and Miller has played wing pretty much his whole career. The last two games goals have been scored with the ball going past Miller on the assist who's guarding space and not a man.
  • Powers as a #10 failed, again.  If you're going to play Hamilton, why not use him at the #10 and play Azira behind him?
  • The only thing we have to play for, realistically, this season is the USOC, so we run out Castillo, Hamilton, and Perez. Why?  Azira is suspended on Saturday so use him in this match. 
  • Everyone but MacMath quit at the end. Its honestly hard to blame them though given the state of things.  Reportedly Pablo had a shouting mach in the locker room post-game but I'm not sure that means anything at this point.
This team needs blowing up, from top to bottom, again. And yet I'm sure they'll raise our ticket prices for us to watch them do it.

Oh, and the Rapids lost 3-1, just to record the details.

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