Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tam In, Gargan Out

The long rumored Tam McManus signing is finally complete. McManus will give the Rapids 3 pure forwards, with Casey and Cummings. Scott Campbell was waived today to make room for McManus, which wasn't a big surprise since he was waived once and the brought back when Casey and Petke were placed on IR.

Dan Gargan was also waived, with is a bigger surprise. Gargan had played well enough last year to keep his position on the roster in my opinion, but I guess the early play of Kimura along with the acquisition of Tim Ward in the offseason were enough to make him expendable. The really odd thing about this move is that it was unnecessary until May 10th, as the Rapids were only at 28 non-IR players, which is the limit.

The new breakdown by position is:
GK: 2 + a MLS Pool keeper that trains with the team
Def: 9
Mid: 15 (counting Kirovski, Herculez, and Peterson as mids)
Fwd: 3

UPDATE - After looking at the roster in more detail it turns out that Campbell was a development player, while Gargan was a senior rostered player. The Rapids were at their max of 18 senior players (20 if you count Casey and Petke who are on IR until May 10th) before signing Tam, so a senior player had to go.

So it was Campbell who was unnecessarily let go, as the Rapids now only have 9 of their allowed 10 development players. Given that this is his second waiver in about a month, I assume things weren't working out either for him or the team.

This also means that once Petke and Casey come off IR, 2 players from the senior roster will have to be waived. My guess is that it will be Gray and Harvey that are let go, but Ballouchy has to be concerned.


Allen said...

If you're going to the let guy go, get it over with. Give him a chance to move on with his life instead of unnecessarily prolonging his time with the club.

So the Rapids have to cut one more player by the 10th, right?

Jason Maxwell said...

Yes one more cut by the 10th, assuming nobody else goes (or stays) on IR.

Jason Maxwell said...

After further review (See the update to the post) the Rapids will have to cut 2 senior players by May 10th. The Campbell cut was not made for roster compliance reasons.

Joey said...

Tough for Gargan, he showed heart last season. I say get rid of Jovan, he's nothing but a traffic cone on the field. If Ballouchy is let go, this will be a further infuriating reminder of the Beckerman trade (which in its idiocy is itself reminiscent of the Avalanche trading Chris Drury or Alex Tanguay). There's no way that the Rapids can do anything with Ballouchy at this point, they've got to let him play himself into form to prove his worth.

J Five said...

Look for Gargan to follow in the footsteps of former Rapids defenders like Kotschau, Wingert, Beckerman and Borchers by moving on to RSL. Good luck Dan, I hope you find your way to Philly's team.