Thursday, October 16, 2008

Playoffs? Playoffs?!?!

So here's the rundown of what we need to have happen to make the playoffs, based on all of our possible remaining results. This is not a comprehensive list, this just shows the most likely option at each point value. The list is up to date as of the result of tonight's game.

2 losses - We're out

1 draw, 1 loss - We're out

2 draws - FSL beats Dallas, SJ beats KC and draws TFC, LA beats Dallas and loses to Houston, NY, and KC lose all their games, TFC draws SJ and loses their other game

1 win - We beat Chivas, FSL beats us, Dallas wins both games, SJ beats KC and TFC, LA beats Houston, KC, DC, and NY lose all of their games.

1 win, 1 draw - We beat Chivas, FSL beats Dallas, we draw FSL, Dallas beats LA, LA draws Houston, SJ beats KC, draws Toronto, DC loses, KC doesn't beat NE, NY doesn't win either game

2 wins - Dallas wins both games, KC and NY don't win more than 1 game, DC doesn't beat Columbus OR FSL doesn't lose to Dallas

Even though there are three scenarios where we can make the playoffs with a draw or loss this week, we can also be eliminated with just a draw or loss this week. We can't be eliminated if we win this week.


Jester said...

There is one more possibility, that you pointed out a few days back at the end of your match report.
If we beat Chivas & RSL, and RSL doesn't lose to Dallas, we will finish 3rd in the West.
This weekends match is now our most important match of the season! Can we step up?
Hopefully Chivas takes the week off to rest up and get healthy for the playoffs.

Jason Maxwell said...

That's what I meant by "OR FSL doesn't lose to Dallas" in the 2 wins scenario. ;)

Jester said...

Oh, yeah! Sorry, didn't see that one.

Can't wait for Sunday. Let's hope the boys play the way we know they can!

Jester said...

I read in the Post yesterday that Cooke is being benched in favor of Labrocca to give us a more defensive 442 against Chivas.
No cooke, no Gomez, and more route 1 long ball! More and more I find myself hoping Smith does not get the coaching job full time.
Under Clavijo we played attractive, if inconsistant, football.
Granted, no one likes to see the team lose after dominating their opposition. Smith has fixed that...we no longer dominate!

Thanks for letting me rant. If we win the next 2, I promise to be positive moving forward.

Viva los rapidos!