Monday, October 27, 2008

Roster Decisions

Weekend Roundup is coming tonight/tomorrow but I wanted to get my annual roster review up first.

As I've done each of the last few years, here's my rundown of what I think the Rapids should do with their roster in the offseason. This year I've added the salary numbers for those players that are listed on the MLSPU guide. I believe that the Rapids are no longer on the hook for any salary outside the team (Kirovski's contract should be up) and they don't have anyone picking up any salaries of Rapids players. This does not take into account any guaranteed contracts or anything, just if I had the freedom to cut or re-sign players as I wished.

Out of Contract:
Jose Burciaga,80K - Enjoy Seattle Jose! There's no reason to re-sign him.
Bouna Coundoul,33K - I expect that unless the new coach makes a guarantee that he's the #1 next season he'll head to France. If the Rapids can convince him to re-sign they should, with a salary increase of about 50K.
Pablo Mastroeni,300K - Almost certainly going to Europe. If possible the team should re-sign him, maybe with a slight reduction in salary to account for his age by the end of the contract
Mike Petke,133K - If what he said to the fans Saturday night is true he's retiring. If not I'd re-sign him at about 100-120K

Keep for the first team:
Colin Clark,33K - He needs consistency in his play to make it past next season, but I'm hopeful
Terry Cooke,167.5K - 3rd in the league in assists despite only starting 60% of the games
Omar Cummings,33K - He's earned another year to try to show he can claim a starting spot
John DiRaimondo,17.7K - Looked good early this season, and we'll need the help filling in our defensive holes
Cory Gibbs,96K - If he doesn't make the jump to Europe
Jordan Harvey,17.7K - Our best option at left back
Kosuke Kimura,17,7K - Solidifying his hold on the right back spot
Nick LaBrocca,12.9K - Pablos replacement at d-mid
Tom McManus,134.4K - Got to see what he could do after some rest and a full preseason of training with the team

WTF do we do about this mess:
Christian Gomez,385K - By all rights he should be in the group above, but after being benched for the last third of the season, does he even want to be here, and if so, does the new coach want him? There's no way we get value for him as everyone will know we want to unload him, but having him sit on the bench for a long spell again isn't going to help the team.

Keep as backups/possible first teamers if an upgrade for a better price can't be found:
Preston Burpo,55.1K - No better than a backup keeper
Greg Dalby,33K - Europeboy hasn't impressed yet
Ugo Ihemelu,60.5K - If he could stay mentally in the game for 90 minutes he might have the skills to make it in MLS. Until then...
Stephen Keel,33K - Hasn't shown he's ready for full time yet, but another year might get him there

Cut/Hope Seattle takes them in the expansion draft:
Facundo Erpen,125K - Awful

Attempt to trdae, keep otherwise:
Mehdi Ballouchy,75K - Has no ability to actually lead the attack
Conor Casey,190K - He's only in this list because after his late season run he may be perceived as more valuable than he really is. That makes it a good time to try to trade him. If there are no takers that benefit us, he moves up to the first category.
Jacob Peterson,75K - His time is up, time to try elsewhere.

Reserve players I have not seen enough to evaluate:
Nico Colaluca,70K
Brian Grazier,12.9K
Justin Hughes,12.9K
Ciaran O'Brien,45K
Kwame Sardokie
Chris Sharpe
Tim Ward,44.6K
Cesar Zambrano,12.9k

As you can see from my list, we'll be thin up the middle. We need a starting GK, strong central defenders, an attacking mid if we can't get Gomez back in that slot, and probably another solid forward. Our flanks are solid and we have some decent depth.

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Allen said...

I would argue there's still plenty of potential for getting something nice for Christian Gomez. It depends on what teams are willing to give up. It just depends on how much interest, or at least perceived interest, there is in Christian.

That is, assuming the new coach will be foolish enough to want to dump him.