Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rapids Launch Official Blog

Today the Rapids launched their official blog, The Rapids Undercurrent. I guess I have some more competition now in the Rapids blogosphere. Something tells me a lot of what I write wouldn't make it onto their blog (for better or for worse) though, so I think I still have a niche. ;)


Dan said...

I wouldn't worry about it - if anything, it will help you. Official team blogs get stuff out there that your local paper wouldn't print in a thousand years, but you can still riff from. And, as you surmise, they're not going to say "Jovan Kirovski should be boiled in oil" or "The only thing better than sending Christian Gomez back to Washington in a box would be sending him back in three boxes".

Jester said...

I wouldn't worry too much about competition. If this is being run be the Rapids, it will probably be done to the standard their front office has been known for...Half assed!