Thursday, January 15, 2009

SuperDraft 2009

The 2009 SuperDraft has just started in St. Louis. The Rapids first pick is currently at #20, the 5th pick of the 2nd Round. I'll update this entry as Rapids picks happen or if any Rapids-related trades occur.

UPDATE 1:45pm: The Rapids have traded the 20th pick to the Fire for their 27th pick (and presumably something else)

Our next pick is the 12th pick of the 2nd Round, #27

UPDATE 2pm: Reportedly Chicago sent some allocation money our way in the trade of 2nd round draft spots. Also our first pick is #28, not #27.

UPDATE 2:05: New info now says that the Rapids gave up their pick and allocation money for the Fire's pick and a Player To Be Named Later

UPDATE 2:20: Bonji is reporting that the player to be named later is GK Matt Pickens, because the Rapids and Bouna Coundoul could not come to an agreement on a new contract (More on this later if it pans out).

With the #28 pick the Rapids take Kwame Adjeman-Pamboe, a Midfielder/Forward out of George Mason University.

The Rapids next pick is the 7th of the 3rd Round, #37.

UPDATE 2:55pm: With the 37th pick the Rapids take goalkeeper Steward Ceus out of the University of Albany.

The Rapids next pick is the 2nd of the 4th Round, #47

UPDATE 3:10PM: Ives is now reporting that the Rapids have acquired Matt Pick4ns rights. Pick4ns has re-signed with MLS and will become the new starter for Colorado. Bonji further reports that Bouna was offered a 6 figure contract which his agent advised him to turn down because he could do better in Europe.

UPDATE 3:30pm: With the 47th pick the Rapids take forward Ross Schunk out of the University of Redlands.

Our next pick is just 4 away, #51

UPDATE 3:40pm: With the #51 pick the Rapids take forward Jordan Seabrook out of the University of Southern Florida

With the #53 pick the Rapids take defender Henry Kalungi out of Winthrop University.

Our final pick is 6 away at #59

UPDATE 4pm: With their final pick at #59 the Rapids take defender Michael Holody out of the University of Michigan

I'll have a wrap-up of all the news and picks tonight.

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Jester said...

It appears as our #20 pick just went to Chicago and we now have #28, I wonder what else we got.