Tuesday, March 31, 2009

KSE Fails On Second Road Game

The Rapids just "announced" (by not mentioning that it had changed and hoping nobody noticed) that this weekend's game will only be available on Direct Kick or MLSLive.tv. Originally it had been scheduled to air on Alititude 2, also owned by KSE, but apparently KSE decided it wasn't worth the $$$. Given the attendance problems at the first game I'm not sure how making the team less visible when on the road is going to improve things, but hey, maybe that's why I'm not working for KSE.

This brings the total to 3 road games that do not have local TV coverage scheduled at this point, or 20% of the road schedule (Seattle and Toronto are the other two). I could almost see the logic if KSE was buying tome from the local FOX Sports affiliate and the ratings weren't there, but when they own the team and the network and can piggyback on LA's coverage their costs have to be pretty minimal. Apparently even that is too much to spend on the Rapids.

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Jester said...

Do you think they are trying to increase attendance at Away game viewing parties?

Never mind, they aren't that on the ball!