Friday, April 17, 2009

Julian Baudet to the Rapids?

Sorry, work and a dentist appt. kept me from many updates this week. No Weekend Roundup (It was a bad week for Blackburn anyway), but a game preview will be up tonight.

Well it appears that the rumors from last month are true. The BBC is reporting that Crewe captain central defender Julian Baudet has signed with the Rapids. Since the transfer window closed on Wednesday I'm guessing that he won't join the team until the transfer window this summer. At the Supporter's Kick Off party Assistant Coach Steve Guppy mentioned that he had to get up early the next morning to call a player in England about a deal, I'm guessing that ti was Baudet.

We'll have to see how much he's getting paid and is we're using an allocation on him or not before I can really judge this move, but my first instinct is that this might be overkill for a position we're pretty deep at. Gibbs, Ihemelu, Harden, Palguta, Pablo, and Dalby can all play center back at an MLS level, so adding one more really doesn't help us much while other positions (like attacking midfielder) are still a black hole.

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