Monday, February 1, 2010

Preseason News and Notes

A few news and notes coming out of the Rapids camp.

  • Depending on who you talk to the Rapids are either trying out or have signed Danny Earls from Rochester. Earls was one of the first names linked with Colorado when the news that Steve Guppy was joining the team as coach broke. He's a left back who can also get up the field and play left wing. With the departure of Harvey the Rapids have a hole at left back, so this seems like a good match.
  • Multiple players have mentioned, either on Twitter or to fans, that the Rapids will make a pre-season trip to London. Presumably they'll be using Arsenal facilities and they will be playing some combination of Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, and Aston Villa. I would guess that those games will feature mainly reserves from the EPL sides, but maybe Casey and Omar will get a chance to try to beat Big Bad Brad Friedel if they play Villa.
  • The Rapids tweeted that they expect to release the schedule this week, and an unconfirmed report is that the league will unveil the full schedule at noon MST on Wednesday.
That's all for now!

EDIT; OK, I lied. Wewantrapidman is reporting that the Earls signing and an additional signing of a Colombian center back who's family name is Morrillio, maybe not spelled quite that way, will be announced soon.

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