Friday, February 19, 2010

Preseason News and Notes

Surprisingly quiet in Rapids-land given that today makes 5 weeks to the season opener. Still a few things have popped up.
  • The Rapids will be giving Jamaican international striker Devon Hodges a 10-day trial while their in Arizona next week. The Rapids need more forward depth, though for international callups when Jamaica is playing it doesn't help. Still I'm glad to see us looking at other CONCACAF nations to find players.
  • Another Rochester Rhino, right mid Andy Lorei is rumored to be signing. The article makes it sound like he'll get a dev contract or a minimum salary contract. Again we need depth ont he wings, so that is a step in the right direction if it happens. That would be 3 Rhinos we've signed since Steve Guppy has joined the team from Rochester. Maybe we should just make them a partner team?
  • John Ireland re-joins the team as fitness coach. Ireland was the fitness coach under Tim Hankinson
  • The Rapids will play Columbus, LA, and FSL next week while in Arizona. Good thing I don't live down there any more or I'd have to take the whole week off!
  • This season April and October home games will be mid-afternoon games. I prefer evening games even in the colder months, but maybe this will help with attendance.
All for now. If there is any concrete news about these possible signings I'll post again.


Allen said...

So the Rapids are having a good off-season?

Jason Maxwell said...

A quiet one at least. I'm not sure I'd call it good. So far the biggest change has been a negative IMO (Losing Harvey with no compensation)