Monday, January 17, 2011

First Look At New Uniforms

Thanks to Pid Army member Teddy Montoya for the images

This is the first images we've had of the new Rapids jerseys for 2011. The primary/home jersey is only slightly change with the light blue elements of the 2010 kit changed to white and a new piping around the shoulders and creating a 'V' on the back. The alternate/road kit is completely different. Colorado dumped light blue as the base color (probably because of Sporting KC going to light blue and Vancouver also using light blue next year) instead returning to a standard white kit. The burgundy shoulders and sleeves are a nice touch, but I'm not thrilled with the light blue trim forming the 'V' in the back. Its hard to tell much from these cell phone pictures though, when we get a better look my opinion might change. Still they're much better than some of the new kits we've seen, like Seattle's.

These pictures are missing the most important part of next year's jerseys, the scudetto.


Jester said...

I like both of these new jerseys as well. I agree with you on the blue V on the away jersey. If we are dropping the light blue, then we should drop it completely.
Considering that both the adidas logo and the team badge are much smaller, and higher up on the jersey, I assume we are getting closer to a shirt sponsor. Although, I always thought the badge was too low on the old jersey anyhow.

I read this morning that players are going to start reporting for preseason on Friday. It's amazing how short the offseason seems when the previous season didn't end in October.

Jason Maxwell said...

I'm not sure if th badge has really move up that far or if its just the pictures. The away jersey looks particularly ripe for a sponsor, and Plush did say post-MLS Cup that he expected to have one by the beginning of the upcoming season.