Monday, January 10, 2011

Rapids News & Notes

OK, after two weeks off for the holidays and a hard drive melt down we're back. Luckily its been pretty quiet lately so there's not that much to catch up on.
I like the short term nature of the contract, but the real key to this will be the salary number (which we'll see when the union releases the salaries in March). If its less than 6 figures its a good move to boost our reserves on the back line. If its more than 6 figures we've probably overpaid.
This isn't far from what I expected, and I'm guessing the Rapids, if they have floated this number, is floating a number higher than their actual minimum. my thought was that $2 million or more would be enough for sure, and they might take around $1.5 million depending on what other plans they had. Anything less than $1 million is a non-starter though. My bet is that Villa won't offer much more than $1.5 million if they even try to buy him, so thee Rapids may have a big decision to make.
As a Blackburn fan I've of two minds on this one. The skill he's shown would be welcome at Commerce City, but watching him play for Rovers I never got the impression that he put it together on a consistent basis. I would assume he's being considered only as a replacement for Cummings. If Omar comes back I don't see how the Rapids can justify spending big money to bring in a player like him when Casey and Cummings are the clear starters.

Later this week is the Superdraft where the Rapids have the 18th and 36th picks (having traded away their 3rd round pick already). A week later will be the Supplemental Draft, now 3 rounds, and the 4th round pick the Rapids traded will actually be the first round pick in that draft, to they'll have the #36 and #54 picks. #54 would be the last pick, MLS' equivalent to the NFL's Mr. Irrelevant but without all the ceremony. There's usually plenty of wheeling and dealing around the drafts, so we'll see what happens.

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