Monday, August 29, 2011

Exhausted Rapids Beat Down In Chicago

The Rapids traveled to Chicago on Saturday, but everyone might have been better served by Colorado forfeiting the game and staying home for the rest. A 2-0 loss where Colorado was outplayed and out-hustled all night wasn't any better than the 3-0 forfeit score line and added rest would have been.

I'd break down the play and the goals, but honestly they're what you would expect for a tried Mile High Club. Chicago found the weak point between Marshall and Moor, exploited it, and scored twice. The insult to injury was the fact that the second goal was from former Rapid Cory Gibbs.

My key to the game was how tired the Rapids were, and it really was the key to the game.
  • Matt Pickens wasn't at fault on either goal, but it would be nice if he could come up with a big save to bail out the defense once in a while. That seems to have been lacking recently.
  • No idea what Gary Smith thinks Caleb Folan brings to the game that Mac Kandji doesn't. Smith seems wed tot he "target striker+speedy striker" lineup that works so well when its the C+C Goal Factory. It doesn't work as well when its Folan-Nyassi.
  • Moor picked up a yellow, so his ironman streak will end at 69 games, 2 more than the old record.
  • After two weeks of rest Jamie Smith and Omar Cummings better be healed and ready to play 90, we desperately need them.
Player of the Game: Elia Viviani of Liquigas. He won the stages in Steamboat Springs and Breckenridge, and would have won in Denver but decided to let his leadout man Daniel Oss take it. What, I have to pick a Rapid? Fine, Marvell Wynne by process of elimination as the only Rapid who wasn't exhausted and/or having a bad night.

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