Friday, August 19, 2011

Rapids Stumble Their Way To A Win

Apologies for the delay, a summer flu has knocked me out for the last 24 hours. Preview of tomorrow's Chivas game will be up later tonight.

After the worst first half the Rapids have played in years they straightened things out and halftime and dominated the second half en route to a win.

The game couldn't have started any worse as Drew Moor was whistled for a penalty just 15 seconds into the game. Moor also received a yellow card that a worse ref could have made a red. Granting your opponent a 1-0 lead after 2 minutes is not particularly good strategy. 15 minutes later MLS Cup hero Mac Kandji leveled the score as he was unmarked and headed in a Scott Palguta cross.

Just as the Rapids thought hey had gotten things back to normal, their lack of mental focus struck again. Matt Pickens snagged a long ball into the box and was wiped out by an onrushing Metapan striker. Instead of staying down and making sure everyone was ready he jumped up and threw the ball out towards Koz. The throw wasn't string and Koz wasn't expecting it though, allowing a Metapan striker to run onto it and chip it over Pickens for a 2-1 lead. While there should have been a foul called on Metapan when Pickens was knocked down, there's no excuse for the dumb play by Matt. That was followed 10 minutes later by another PK call on Moor but after further review the referee (correctly IMO) reversed the call. Kardeck, who got tangled up with Moor on the non-PK call, decided to get some revenge a couple of minutes later and slammed his arm into Moor's chest on a long ball with no attempt to play the ball. He saw a straight red. A few minutes later the Rapids took advantage of the extra man as Nane and Akpan combined to get the ball across goal where Kandji could tap it in for his second goal of the match.

Right after half Colorado would finally take the lead. Once again Mac Attack was involved as he brought the ball into the box, and tried to play a 1-2 with Thompson. Wells got the ball stuck on his foot but managed to slide it an unmarked Akpan who made it 3 goals for the Rapids. The rest of the half was Colorado killing off any Metapan chances while trying not to get hurt or get any more cards.
  • The officiating looked very anti-Colorado in the stadium, but watching the broadcast I felt the it was equally bad for both teams. Wells Thompson probably should have seen a red at some point, but so should 1 or 2 other Metapan players. A horrible offside decision in the 63rd minute cost moor a 1 on 1 with the keeper that could have made it 4-2.
  • The Rapids were not mentally prepared to play this game. They came out like this would be a walkover and almost paid for it. The fact that we played a really bad half and were tied at halftime shows you how bad Isidro Metapan is.
  • Based on what I saw there's no reason, barring truly awful officiating, that a full strength Colorado side couldn't beat Isidro Metapan in Metapan.
  • The lineup and substitution decisions made by Gary Smith for this match are ones that look like genius moves when they work, but get you called into Jeff Plush's office to explain yourself when they don't. Our manager is a bit of a gambler apparently.
  • Omar Cummings was seen on the concourse in street clothes and Jamie Smith spent the end of the game sitting in Class VI.
  • Former Rapid Terry Cooke made an appearance at the Class VI/Pid Army tailgate.
Player of the Game: Mac Kandji. 2 goals and an assist on the third, easy choice.

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