Saturday, February 18, 2012

No Eddie Johnson In Commerce City

Yesterday Montreal used its #1 spot in the allocation order to take Eddie Johnson with the idea of trading him.  Colorado was the expected destination but at the last minute Seattle swooped in, trading Mike Fucito and Lamar Neagle for him.

At that price I'm fine with not getting Eddie Johnson.  This would be the rough equivalent of the Rapids trading Qunicy Amarikwa and Sanna Nyassi for him (if Nyassi hadn't gone to Montreal in the expansion draft).  That price is too high for a guy with as many question marks as Johnson has right now.  not to mention that playing Johnson would force somebody like Mullan or Castrillon off the field or move Pablo to the back line and put Wynne or Moor on the bench.

Also last night Wells Thompson tweeted that some guys that had been training with the team for a while had been cut yesterday.  He also tweeted that it wasn't anyone who was with the team last year.  The timing makes sense as the team probably announced the roster for the Hawaii trip since they leave tomorrow.  Given the clues of being new this year but training with the team for a while its probably some combination of Joel Helmick, Luis Zapata, Issac Cowles, Aaron Pitchkolan, and Jefferson Angulo since all the other trialists just joined the team this week.

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