Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rumors And Trialists

Last night the Rapids held a Supporters Forum at Fado's in Lodo.  I was unable to attend, but the big news that came out of the forum was that Colorado is pursuing a young #10-style Argentine midfielder.  No details have been leaked on his name or his background but there may be a new arrival from South America in Commerce City soon.

One arrival from that area is a new Colombian trialist.  Luis Eduardo Zapata is a left back most recently with Wilstermann in Bolivia.  He'll travel with the team when they leave for California on Saturday and participate in the game against San Jose and Chivas. The updated camp roster:

underline = unsigned trialist

Steward Ceus
Joel Helmick (draftee)
Ian Joyce
Matt Pickens

Eddie Ababio
Issac Cowles - out injured
Hunter Freeman
Kosuke Kimura
Tyrone Marshall
Drew Moor
Scott Palguta
Anthony Wallace
Draymond Washington
Marvell Wynne
Luis Eduardo Zapata

Davy Armstrong
Tony Cascio
Jaime Castrillon
Steven Emory
Josh Janniere
Ross LaBauex
Jeff Larentowicz
Pablo Mastroeni
Brian Mullan
Joseph Nane
Aaron Pitchkolan
Jamie Smith
Wells Thompson
Kohei Yamada

Andre Akpan
Quincy Amarikwa
Sam Archer
Conor Casey
Omar Cummings
Caleb Folan
Macoumba Kandji


Jester said...

Well, it looks like you can take Folan off the list now.

I sure hope there is a plan in place here. Especially since Casey is still a couple months away.

At 200K, Folan was pricey (probably why the club didn't want him) but I would rate him above Kandji, Akpan or Amarikwa.

If this new direction doesn't work out, it had better be Bravo's head on the preverbial platter.

Jason Maxwell said...

I think I'd put Kandji above Folan, though that's not saying much.