Monday, July 23, 2012

A Horrible Week Comes To A Lousy End

More of the same from the Rapids.  Boneheaded defending combined with a complete lack of creativity led to a 2-0 loss and the loss of the Rocky Mountain Cup, again.  I won't discuss the Rapids offense because there was none.  0 shots on goal in the game.  On the defense things were relatively solid until Wynne brain-locked again.  With Espindola hanging around Wynne played a slow backpass to Pickens and Espindola pounced.  Pickens made a noble attempt to get to the ball but the deflection rolled right in front of goal.  Saborio invited Espindola to come over and finish it because there were no Rapids nearby but eventually finished it himself.

Right at the end of the game the Rapids defense had another individual mental mistake.  Marshall held the ball while Saborio stayed on his back.  Sabario was able to muscle Tyrone off the ball and poke it to an on-rushing Will Johnson.  Again a stranded Pickens tried to make the stop but it was an easy 2nd goal.

My key to the game was if the team cared.  From the looks of things, not really.

Other Observations:
  • I know there's been a lot of talk on-line about the Rapids being bad because Pareja's lost the locker room.  Maybe so, but that doesn't excuse the two idiotic mental mistakes from Wynne and Marshall.
  • After Wynne giving up on the second goal on Toronto and the stupid backpass int his game I'm wondering where his mind is.  I would actually consider sitting him down for a game or two just to see if he gets his head screwed on straight.
  • At some point somebody just needs to shoot the damn ball.  Cummings had a great chance he passed up on trying to get the perfect shot, and he wasn't alone.
  • Thompson had a good game as a surprise starter.  I still think he's best as a late-game defensive sub though.
  • Mullan was in the running for player of the game.  He was certainly our only offensive player that looked like he knew what he was doing.
  • Omar coming in at halftime had a positive effect form a first half of garbage.
  • Largely due to Jaime Castrillon once again being completely invisible.
  • Edu is still a waste of space on the field.
  • No preview for tomorrow's friendly against Swansea City.  It should be a fun time though!
Player Of The Game: Joseph Nane.  Yeah, I'm a little surprised too but Nane really stepped in for the suspended Larentowicz and did a good job as a defensive/holding midfielder.  I'm not ready to say he should be starting but considering that before Saturday he probably would have been the first player I cut if I needed to cut someboady his performance was a big surprise.

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