Thursday, July 5, 2012

Deja VancoUver

First of all, read my recap of the last Vancouver game.  Now that you've done that I can skip most of my recap of this game.  The Rapids dominated this game and lost 1-0.  17 attempts on goal to 3, 6 shots on target to 1.  Vancouver's 1 shot went in, none of the Rapids shots came close.  That was the difference.

My key was the rested squad versus the tired one.  Vancouver made it easy on us by packing it in, playing for the 0-0 draw, and hoping to steal a goal and 3 points.  Well, they did.

Other Observations:
  • The goal was scored when Drew Moor whiffed on a clearance and the ball fell to Mattocks.  Wynne was also in the area and couldn't clear it but the primary responsibility was Moor's.  an easy clearance that just got stuck under him and allowed Mattocks an easy goal.
  • Despite having 17 chances and 6 shots on goal, none of them were great chances.  The closest was Casey trying to bring the ball down in front of the net but having it glance off his thigh.  Everything else were either long shots or easily saved.
  • Larentowicz had a particularly bad game IMO.  his passes were just being sprayed everywhere.
  • Cummings is either still significantly injured or he's lsot his mojo.  Trading his roommate and best firend today probably won't help.
  • Casey had another solid game back.  He could have done better with the one chance but he did a lot of work for the attack without much support.
  • Just a generally poor game across the board from the team.  They just weren't up for the biggest game of the year.
Player Of The Game: Luis Zapata.  Hard to pick anyone as particularly playing well in this one, but Vancouver was never a threat down the elft side due to Zapata's play.

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