Monday, July 16, 2012

Well...That Sucked

A reverse MLS Cup.  In Toronto Dallas scored first and then gave up two goals.  Saturday night we scored first and then gave up two goals.  Other than that, if you saw the Seattle loss or the Vancouver loss or the San Jose loss then you saw this game.  I'm not going to spend any time rehashing what we already know.  We controlled the game early, failed to convert, then failed to mark attackers on a couple of crosses and lost.

My key to the game was the basics.  Score goals, don't allow them.  Yep, pretty much a failure.

Other Observations:
  • Our midfield sucks.  Castrillon is a hole, Larentowicz has forgotten how to defend or attack, and Rivero is a decent distributor but with no support from the rest of his midfield and his lack of pace he can't do much more than that.  Only Mullan is doing what we need and he can't do it alone.
  • I'm not sure who had the mark on the first goal (hard to tell on the replay) but it was either Mullan or Zapata.  Either way you can't just let a guy run at goal on a cross uncontested.
  • On the second goal Zapata got beat like a drum.  Moor cleared it off the line with a header while Freeman covered the other half of the goal but Wynne and particularly Larentowicz were slow getting back and it was an easy clean-up.
  • The Rapids goal was great though.  It was a flashback to 2010 as Casey slotted a ball through to Cummings who finished it near post.
  • Edu must be Portuguese for 'pointless'.
  • Rivero's free kicks are sink or swim.  Either their right where they need to be or so far off that nobody can do anything with them.
  • In past years we would have subbed in Wells Thompson and tried to sit on the 1-1 draw.  Pareja's aggressive subbing of Smith, Edu, and Cascio might have cost us a point, but at least we were trying for 3 instead of accepting 1.
  • Last time we lost 3 out 4 at home was 2001.  Yuck.
  • On to Toronto...where we've never even gotten a point off of TFC.
Player Of The Game: Omar Cummings.  Had the goal and the closest we got to a second goal as he slammed one off the post.  Casey was also in the running for this one.  C+C Goal Factory is back, they just have no midfield support.

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