Sunday, January 27, 2013

Travel Roster For Arizona Friendlies - UPDATED

Here's the travel roster:

Goalkeepers: Matt Pickens, Stew Ceus, *Jimmy Maurer, *Clint Irwin
Defenders: Drew Moor, Diego Calderon, Chris Klute, Anthony Wallace, Marvell Wynne, *Kory Kindle
Midfielders: Pablo Mastroeni, Hendry Thomas, Nick LaBrocca, Tony Cascio, Brian Mullan, Shane O'Neill, Martin Rivero, Dillon Serna, Nathan Sturgis, Dillon Powers, *Jamie Smith
Forwards: Andre Akpan, Deshorn Brown, Kamani Hill, Atiba Harris, *Cesar Romero

* not under contract

Dropped from the last camp roster we had:
* = Unsigned Supplemental draftee

DF; Marcello Castro*, Brenton Griffiths*
MF: Davy Armstrong, Jaime Castrillon, Kevin Harbottle, Machael David*
FW: Edson Buddle, Charles Eloundou, Stefano Souza Pinho*

Buddle, Castrillon, and Eloundou are expected, the first two injured and the latter with the Cameroon Nats.  3 Supplemental draft picks.are missing however.  See update below for the other missing players.

UPDATE: The Rapids site has been updated.  Armstrong has back spasms, Harbottle is still working on his visa, and Helmick, Vercollone, and Diaz have been released.  No word yet on why the 3 supplemental picks aren't with the team in AZ.

Updated camp roster:

Steward Ceus
Matt Pickens
Clint Irwin - Unsigned trialist
Jim Mauer - Unsigned trialist

Diego Calderon - International
Marcello Castro - Unsigned drafteeInternational
Brenton Griffiths - Unsigned draftee, International
Kory Kindle - Unsigned draftee
Chris Klute (Atlanta loan through late-Sept)
Drew Moor
Anthony Wallace
Marvell Wynne

Davy Armstrong - Homegrown Player
Tony Cascio
Jaime Castrillon - International
Machael David - Unsigned draftee
Kevin Harbottle - International
Nick LaBrocca
Pablo Mastroeni
Brian Mullan
Shane O'Neill - Homegrown Player
Dillon Powers
Martin Rivero (Rosario Central loan through 2013) - International
Dillon Serna - Homegrown Player
Nathan Sturgis
Hendry Thomas - International
Jamie Smith - Unsigned trialist

Andre Akpan
Deshorn Brown - Generation Adidas, International
Edson Buddle
Charles Eloundou - International
Atiba Harris
Kamani Hill
Stefano Souza Pinho - Unsigned drafteeInternational
Cesar Romero - Unsigned trialist

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