Monday, February 25, 2013

New Jersey Revealed

The Rapids new road/alternate kit

The Rapids new jersey was unveiled on 9News tonight.  It was...underwhelming.  I love the idea of doing something different and basing it on the Colorado state flag, but this didn't live up to my hopes.  WAY too much yellow and the watermark of the logo in the middle really should have been a full color logo.  The red/blue badge isn't great but had they made the other changes it would probably work.  Right now all you would have to do is take the watermark and state flag off and swap the badges and FaKe SaLt LaKe could wear this jersey with nobody noticing.

On the flip side, the new home/primary jersey is great.  I got mine at the C38 party on Saturday and love it.  My name is almost dead center in the 4th group of names on the front.  The only down side is that they're a very athletic fit, I'm working on exchanging mine for the next size up.


Anonymous said...

My 16-year old son LOVED the third jersey!

Jason Maxwell said...

2nd jersey, not 3rd.

Schmicker said...

I feel like that the middle of the jersey belongs in a Pink Floyd laser show. Like the idea, but execution not the best.