Monday, February 11, 2013

New Supporter Group Name, New Jerseys

This weekend the long-discussed merger between Class VI, the Pid Army, and the Bulldog Supporters Group became official with a new name, Centennial 38, quickly becoming C-38 as an abbreviation.  Named after the fact that Colorado was the 38th state in the union, joining in 1876, making Colorado the Centennial State.  I'll admit that my first reaction to the name wasn't positive, but its growing on me.  Especially when combined with this:
That's the sneak peak of the new Rapids away kit on  It appears to be confirmation of the rumor that our new away kit will be based on the Colorado state flag.
The home kit was already sneak previewed at the season ticket holder party in August but if you need a reminder:

The kits will be officially unveiled as part of MLS's Jersey Week on Feb. 25th-26th.  The 25th will be an exclusive VIP event at the Brown Palace wile the 26th will be on a caravan from the mountains to Denver (Breckenridge/Evergreen/Red Rocks/Confluence Park) ending at a public event at LoDo's Bar and Grill in Denver.

Those of us who pre-ordered a home jersey are expected to receive them before the unveiling.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I like the sound of C38. It has a nice ring, and I'm glad for the merger. Being divided only made for a senseless rivalry between PA and BSG, from my observations.

So what are the plans for as well as the discounted, no-fee tickets in the terraces or section 108 that used to be available through that site?

Jason Maxwell said...

The new website is No idea what the ticket plans are.