Friday, February 8, 2013

News and Notes - Feb. 8th

Heads up, long post ahead.  Time to catch up on some stuff from the week.

  • The big news is that the Rapids re-signed Jamie Smith today.  Actually, based on the scrimmage report from Wednesday, it appears to have happened earlier this week but it was announced today.  Good move from the team.  The knock on Jamie has never been his quality, its been his fragility.  The number of games missed due to injury versus the salary paid was getting more and more out of alignment as the seasons went by.  It will be interesting to see what his new salary is.
  • An article was published in Paraguay yesterday that Eeduardo Echeverria was hoping to sign a contract with Colorado yesterday.  That's the first time his name was ever mentioned and we haven't heard anything since.  Bad info?  Contract leverage in Paraguay?  New player in Colorado?  Who knows.  He's a speedy left winger that could add to our attack.
  • The August 21st home game against New England has been moved to July 17th.  As regular readers know this is the Jamesons Night game.  Moving it to a midweek in July, the same month as the Gold Cup is over at Sports Authority Field, makes me wonder if we'll see a "use your Gold Cup ticket to get into the Rapids game" promotion.
  • The league appears to be using the week before the season starts (Feb. 25-Mar. 1st) as jersey week, with NY, Columbus, and Philly all scheduling unveilings and a Sports Business Journal Article today says that the Rapids will unveil their alternate jersey later this month.
  • The Rapids announced that they are fully funding their U-18, U-16, and newly added U-14 teams going forward, which will make it easier to attract the top players in a competitive Denver market with Rush and Real.
  • Castrillon is set to have surgery on his injured knee.  Time frame for recovery is not announced but I'm assuming ti won't be quick.
  • The Rapids reserves and backups won a scrimmage against the Foxes on Wednesday 2-0.  Here's the starting XI: Irwin, Klute, Griffiths, Castro, Wallace, Powers, Sturgis, Hill, Smith, Serna, Akpan and the second half lineup: Maurer, Klute, Griffiths, Castro, Wallace, Powers, David, LaBrocca, Giraldo, Serna, Romero.  Academy players Martinez and Perez replaced Wallace and Powers in the 65th minute.
  • Since the game Jim Maurer has left camp.
  • Argentine forward Marcos Pirchio joined camp today.

Updated camp roster:

Steward Ceus
Matt Pickens
Clint Irwin - Unsigned trialist

Diego Calderon - International
Marcello Castro - Unsigned drafteeInternational
Brenton Griffiths - Unsigned draftee, International
Kory Kindle - Unsigned draftee
Chris Klute (Atlanta loan through late-Sept)
Drew Moor
Anthony Wallace
Marvell Wynne

Davy Armstrong - Homegrown Player
Tony Cascio
Jaime Castrillon - International
Machael David - Unsigned draftee
Kevin Harbottle - International
Nick LaBrocca
Pablo Mastroeni
Brian Mullan
Shane O'Neill - Homegrown Player
Dillon Powers
Martin Rivero (Rosario Central loan through 2013) - International
Dillon Serna - Homegrown Player
Jamie Smith
Nathan Sturgis
Hendry Thomas - International

Andre Akpan
Deshorn Brown - Generation Adidas, International
Edson Buddle
Charles Eloundou - International
Atiba Harris
Kamani Hill
Stefano Souza Pinho - Unsigned drafteeInternational
David Giraldo -  Unsigned trialist, International
Marcos Pirchio -  Unsigned trialistInternational
Cesar Romero - Unsigned trialist

That leaves 11 international players in camp, 6 already signed to a deal. The remaining 5 are our Supplemental Draft picks Castro, Griffiths, and Pinho and newcomers Giraldo and Pirchio.

Laying out the position battle:
(in camp/signed)
GK: 3/2
DF: 8/5
MF: 15/14
FW: 10/6

36 total for 30 spots, 27 already signed. Assuming a 3rd GK that leaves 33 field players battling for 27 spots, with 25 already signed. Barring cuts/trades Kindle, Castro, Griffiths, David, Romero, Giraldo, Pirchio, and Pinho are battling for 2 spots (both of which could be internationals). Based on play in AZ, I think Kindle has the inside line on one of the open non-GK spots.  With Castrillon and possibly Rivero likely to start the year on IR though, that frees up 1-2 international spots, so the Rapids could carry 31 or 32 players into the regular season (9-10 of them being internationals) and give a couple of players and extended trial before having to make a decision when everyone is healthy.

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