Friday, March 8, 2013

Snow Way This Game Should Be Played


That's the forecast for Commerce City tomorrow leading up to kickoff.  The National Weather Service is expecting blowing snow and blizzard conditions east of I-25 tomorrow afternoon with 8-13 inches of snow by the end of the storm tomorrow evening/night.  Their Winter Storm Warning from 2am-5pm tomorrow warns of hazardous driving conditions and states that people should only travel in an emergency and if they do travel they should take food, water, and a flashlight with them to be safe.  Quite simply, this game should not be played tomorrow.

However all the public comments from the Rapids are that the game is on as scheduled.  Multiple tweets, two different official communications via email and a press release this afternoon state that they don't expect the storm to effect the game schedule.  If the storm shows up overnight as expected at best the Rapids will look like idiots and at worst they're being irresponsible.  The only good outcome for Colorado at this point is a weaker than expected storm.  Otherwise they'll be asking their fans, and more importantly requiring their staff, to travel in unsafe conditions, or after a week of posturing they'll have to fold and move the game to Sunday (reportedly the contingency plan is a Sunday afternoon game).  In neither case do they come out looking good.

As it is, if the weather is as bad as predicted I won't be going to the game tomorrow if its played.  I won't risk myself or my wife in our Civic on roads in hazardous conditions and who knows how many idiots driving in it.  This would be the first time since I became a season ticket holder in 2008 that I've skipped a home game when I didn't have a conflicting event.

Whenever the game does get played though, I want to remind everyone of this:

That was Philadelphia Union right back Sheanon Williams the day after the Union's last visit to the Dick in 2011.  I don't think he appreciated being the target of Class VI that night.  Let's make sure he feels welcome this time, shall we? :D

The game is currently scheduled for 4pm tomorrow and will air on Altritude and the new Univision Deportes Network.  The Centennial 38 tailgate will start at 1pm.  Should the game be rescheduled I'll post the details as soon as possible.

Injury Report:
Looks like the injury reports this year are only listing Out and Questionable.
OUT: FW Edson Buddle (knee), MF Jaime Castrillon (knee surgery), MF Martin Rivero (R foot fracture)

FW Charles Eloundou - No word that his visa has come through yet

Philly's only reported injury is that Conor Casy is questionable due to a hamstring.  I'm sure he wants to play back in Colorado though.  Here's my guess at our starting XI:

Since Buddle isn't ready I expect we'll see the same group as last week except Pickens is reportedly ready to play.

Key To Look For: Obviously the weather.  That could turn a game where the Rapids are probably the favorite into a complete toss-up.

If the game is played Saturday: No prediction.  Playing in a near blizzard makes it a complete unknown (though probably low scoring)
If the game is played Sunday: 2-1 Rapids win, goals by Brown and Moor.


Tauroctony said...

Looks like MLS is doing the same thing to you guys that they did to RBNY last year. Sorry to hear that the league hasn't learned from its mistakes. It is, as you say, irresponsible to even make supporters contemplate traveling in unsafe conditions. And if they aren't concerned about the safety of the fans - what about their employees?

If it all transpires as expected - i.e. snow and late cancellation of the match - I hope you guys have more effect on the league's policy on these matters than we did in New York. Clearly they didn't listen to our complaints that carefully.

Jason Maxwell said...

Nothing official yet, but leaks from the FO sounds like they're working tonight on moving the game to Sunday. Should have official word by 8 MST in the mornig.

Tauroctony said...

I see they got around to making an official statement. Which is an improvement on the playoffs. But still a little shabby to leave it so late.

I assume the club has been planning for the worst all week - so gotta be the league that caused the uncertainty to linger for so long. Or no?

Jason Maxwell said...

One rumor I heard is that Philly was pushing to play tomorrow so they don't get to effected by the altitude by staying until Sunday.