Thursday, March 21, 2013

USA - Costa Rica

Denver USSF artwork by Shaw Nielsen

Well its finally here, possibly the biggest home game the U.S. National Team will play this cycle and its here in Denver.  Tomorrow night, USA-Costa Rica, 8pm, Dick's Sporting Goods Park.  Anything less than 3 points tomorrow night and the U.S.'s qualifying path to Brazil 2014 gets significantly steeper.  3 points and everybody gets to take a breath and go into the Azteca Tuesday night with no real pressure.

Prior to the game the American Outlaws and Centennial 38 will co-host what some are legitimately suggesting might be the largest tailgate in U.S. Soccer history.  For example, here's Grillmaster Perry's fridge last night.  Turns out a standard size fridge can hold 1700 hot dogs!
That doesn't include the two full pigs that are being roasted as well, not to mention the 13(?) kegs that are being dropped off.  700 people are going in by bus with an expected total of somewhere around 2000.  Official start time is 3pm, but setup will begin between 12-1 if you want to help.  Tailgate ends at 7 to give everyone plenty of time to clean up this massive tailgate and get into the stadium before the 8pm kickoff.  U.S. Soccer has claim-jumped our normal tailgate location for their $50/head tailgate featuring celebrity Denver chefs, so we've moved around the corner to the South end of Lot F.
Remember, parking is $20 for this one!

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