Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 Schedule Released

MLS released the 2015 schedule yesterday.  A quick rundown of the Rapids.

*We start, as previously announced, on the road in Philly on March 7th.  We then have a bye week before our home opener against NYCFC on March 21st.

*Our other bye weeks are June 13th and 14th, Sept. 5th and 6th (though we play midweek on the 9th), and Oct. 17th and 18th.  All 3 of these dates fall during FIFA windows, but the league is playing a full schedule during the October date, other than us and Vancouver.

*We have 1 Wednesday night home game in August, 2 Friday night home games, and 1 Sunday night home game.  The rest of the home schedule is on Saturdays.

*The biannual Jameson Night will be April 4th this year.

*FSL will be in town on July 12th and October 3rd.  We'll be in Sandy on June 7th.  None of these dates are during either of the league's hyped "Rivalry Weeks".  I guess MLS wasn't pleased that the Rocky Mountain Cup fan bases fought to  keep control of the trophy. ;)

*No more than 2 away games or 2 home games in a row.

*3 of our 4 midweek games fall between two weekend games.  The two toughest runs are the last weekend of May where we run through the Cascadia trio north-south, Vancouver and Portland at home split by a midweek trip to Seattle, and the last week of June where we host Dallas before our inaugural trip to Orlando midweek with a stop to play KC on the way home.

*The only game in the league scheduled on ESPNEWS is our trip to Sandy in June.  The only game in the league scheduled for FOX Sports 2 (instead of FOX Sports 1) is our game against FSL in July.  Odd.

*We play everyone in the East once and everyone in the West twice.  We play 6 teams in the West a third time, FSL, Dallas, and Vancouver at home, Seattle, KC, and Houston on the road.

*Our Eastern road trips are to Orlando, Montreal, RBNY, Philly, and Chicago

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