Monday, January 5, 2015

MacMath to Colorado?

The following tweets made the rounds today:
Getting word goalkeeper-heavy preparing to trade (95 league starts past 3 years) to
RE: the Goff report, I've heard it may be a loan to Colorado. We'll see what happens. 

So that's interesting, and not in a good way.  In my opinion MacMath is not much of, if any, improvement over Clint Irwin and made 33K more than him last season.  I can't see a scenario where it makes sense to get MacMath as a backup, nor can I see Irwin being happy as a backup.  So the only reason to make this move is to push Irwin out.  Given the myriad of problems this team has, most notably a porous backline that hasn't been greatly improved yet and a total of 4 true midfielders currently signed, I hope we're not spending effort and resources improving the one position that could probably stay unchanged going into 2015.

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