Saturday, March 14, 2015

Brown To Norway?

It appears that Deshorn Brown is on the cusp of moving to Valerenga in Oslo, a team in Norway's top division.  A report three days ago from a Norwegian paper said that their managing director had traveled to Colorado to work on a deal.  This morning the Denver Post confirmed he was seen at training on Wednesday along side Paul Bravo, presumably to watch Brown.

If we're at the point where representatives of the team have officially traveled to Colorado and are talking to the team and Deshorn, its pretty much a done deal.  Negotiations may take another few days but I'd be surprised if it falls through at this point.  The Norwegian league starts in 3 weeks and according to the article from the Norwegian paper they would want to get Brown before the season starts.

From the Rapids point of view, if the money's good enough they should be making the deal.  This is how the Rapids will compete in MLS.  Finding good young talent, developing them, and selling them, then using that money for the occasional big purchase like a Ramirez or a Doyle.  Plus with Torres and possibly Doyle, not to mention the amount of time Badji's gotten, its going to be hard to find playing time for Brown.

The big issue is what to do between possibly selling Brown and hopefully signing Doyle (or another striker).  Based on last week's game Badji didn't look like he was ready to be the man up top in a 4-5-1.  The best option seems to be to push Torres forward and have Powers take the central midfield spot but that wasn't real successful last year.

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