Thursday, April 2, 2015

Its Like Deja Vu All Over Again

Didn't we see this game already?  This was probably a more even game than the NYCFC game but the result was the same, a 0-0 draw.  Its amazing the Rapids haven't scored yet as whenever they seem to have broken down the opposing defense the goalkeeper pulls out an amazing save.  Tyler Deric has to win Save of the Week for his stop of Sarvas in the 31st minute.  Overall Houston outshot us 11 to 6, but Colorado put 3 shots on goal to Houston's 2.

General impressions:
  • Let's get the ugly stats out of the way:
    • 510 minutes without a goal
    • 17 games without a win
    • First team in league history to start a season with three 0-0 games
  • On the plus side the Rapids have gone 290 minutes without allowing a goal
  • If Colorado doesn't score before the 53rd minute against New England on Saturday it will be the longest scoreless streak in team history
  • You have to like the consistency of our defense.  3 different back lines, with Harrington as the only constant, 3 shutouts
  • One wonders though if the focus on defense is costing us offensive changes.  I'm all for heavy defending but we have to score to win
  • Ramirez looked much better than last week.  As he spends more time with the team I expect him to become a key component of our attack (when we find one)
  • I'm not sure I like both Cronin and Pittinari playing together, but they do make for a tough midfield to get through
  • Powers is out of position on the right, but its hard to say he should be more central with the way Torres and Sarvas are playing in those positions
  • Irwin's a stud, simple as that
  • Bonus points to whomever gets my reference in the first picture
Man of the Match: Marcelo Sarvas.  Had the best chance of the night and looked good running the offense from the attacking mid hole.  Certainly the "difference maker" we were hoping he was when we acquired him.

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