Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Greenspan Back Early

The Open Cup just kicked off but there was news today that I wanted to get out there.  The Denver Post is reporting that Joseph Greenspan has been released from active duty in the Navy to join the Rapids full-time  He'll finish his naval commitment in the Reserves over the next few years and be a professional soccer player.  He'll be added to the roster on Monday when the window opens.  The team expects him to take a couple of weeks to be available, which may involve a loan out (presumably to Charlotte) to get back into game shape.  I'm sure being in the Navy his fitness is fine but he'll have to knock the rust off his skills.

Monday I predicted we would pick up some CB depth in this window.  I did not expect that depth to be in the form of Greenspan though.  Most athletes out of the Naval Academy have to serve for two years of active duty so him being released after one is unexpected.  If I had to bet I would think that it has to do with the fact that a couple of NFL teams have drafted Naval Academy graduates in the last couple of years and the Navy probably wants to get them playing in the NFL quickly for the PR boost.  To be fair that means they need to release Greenspan (and any other athletes) the same way.

Regardless, based on what we saw last year, this will be a nice boost for our thin back line.  As mentioned we have an pen roster spot and should have enough cap space to bring him in without issue.  Now the Rapids have some flexibility if they want to make any other moves as their biggest issue has been covered.

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