Thursday, June 30, 2016

Roster Cuts

The Rapids announced today that they cut 1st round draft pick Emmanuel Appiah and 3rd round pick Chris Froschauer.  The later is not a surprise, Froschauer was not on the bench for last night's game and with Howard coming in there really wasn't a reason for the team to carry 4 keepers (including Berner in Charlotte).  Appiah is a bigger surprise.  While some people felt he wasn't a 1st round pick I didn't expect the Rapids to move on so quickly (conversely, may thought Castillo was a steal in the second round and he seems to be living up to that).

With this news and the arrival of Greenspan the Rapids now have 2 open roster spots (1 if Ramirez unexpectedly returns).  If the plan is to sign Shelton we still need an international spot however.

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