Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Le Toux In, Solignac Out

So, a significant move at the end of the transfer window.  Le Toux is a significant immediate upgrade over Solignac but it comes with a price ($215K more) and its a short-term move.  Solignac is 25 and just getting into the prime of his career.  Sebastien is 32 and is generally seen as sliding down the backside of his.  He's also out of contract at the end of the season.

Pretty clear that this is a "go for it" move from Colorado.  Obviously our offense needs help and the rotating cast of characters at right mid of Solignac, Hairston, Badji, and Pappa wasn't getting it done.  I think this is a clear sign that Pappa has turned into (at best) a super sub while the other three have been stop-gap measures.

Le Toux gives immediate quality that can be plugged in there.  55 assists and 56 goals in 191 starts/236 appearances all time is significant.  In comparison Pappa is at 37/31 in 150/175 and Sarvas is at 11/21 in 120/132.  The downside is that I doubt we want to pay for him after this season so this will bee a 3+ month rental and then we'll need to fill that spot again.

I expect that the Rapids midfield/attack will line up something like this  now (assuming everyone is healthy and available):

Gashi - Jones - Le Toux
Cronin - Azira

With Pappa coming off the bench as our primary offensive sub.

I'm not convinced we have enough offense but we're a lot better off than we were to start the day.  Its good to see the FO seeing a need and giving us a shot this year by filling it.

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