Monday, July 3, 2017

Rapids Make Dynamo Look Comical

Wow, for maybe the first time this year the Rapids looked like a team with a plan that was better than their opponent and wanted to take full advantage of it.  Colorado out-passed, out-hustled, and certainly out-shot the Dynamo on their way to a 3-1 victory.  Completely worth leaving the Greg Grunberg session at Comic-Con a bit early to make ti to the game.

  • All three Rapids goals were nice team goals with good passing.  No lucky or ugly shots.
  • Doyle was a beast.  He's really finding himself now that there is more than one striker on the field.
  • Hairston scores twice and doesn't get MotM.  That doesn't happen often (to be fair, it would have been hard to miss that first one).
  • If anyone had a bad game though, it was da Fonte.  Picked up a yellow in the first 5 minutes and then let Cubo Torres get goal side of him fairly easy on Houston's goal.
  • Of course, DeLaGarza had all day to send that cross in, not good.
  • And to complete the trio of mistakes, Howard being nutmeged for the goal is not a good look for him.
  • Hat-tip to 108 for giving some old-school heckling to Adolph Joseph DeLaGarza.  You know you've done good when he turns to the section on the kickoff after his assist to give some back to us.
  • Great to see the Rapids come out strong in both halves, its been a long time since we've seen that.
  • The key now is consistency.  Is this just a flash in the pan or as we get healthy (and rested!) can we replicate this?  And can we figure out how to do it on the road?
  • The Bodmer Line is at 1.59 pts/game the rest of the way.  Tough but not impossible.
  • With this result the Rapids have hit the midpoint of the season.  After tomorrow's game (preview coming in the morning) they get a 2.5 week break and the transfer window opens.  Its a great time to jump start the season.

Man of the Match: Dominique Badji.  A hat-trick of assists would see to make this an easy choice but Hairston gave him a run for his money.

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