Saturday, July 29, 2017

Suckers Again

Recap of that ugly match tonight and the newest less than exciting transfer rumor (an American in Denmark who had a cup of coffee in MLS) coming tomorrow or Monday.  This is about where this season has gone.

Realistically 2017 has been a lost cause since mid-June. And honestly, I’m not so sure Pablo wasn’t telling the truth in that interview in May(?) about a process that was going to take until 2018 to develop. The FO’s actions all season have screamed "we don’t care about 2017".

The problem with that is that we were 2nd last year after two of the worst seasons in team history. You can’t ask the fans to hang with you through another rebuilding season and you sure as hell can’t not ask them and just do it. They spent the offseason talking about trophies and unfinished business but they’ve delivered nothing.

If they had come out in January and said "Here’s what’s going to happen. We’re going to need to rebuild with plan X to deliver in time Y. Our moves are going to be focused on that and because of it 2017 may suffer. We understand that’s not what you expected when you renewed/bought your season tickets so we’re going to do A, B, and C as we value you as a loyal fan and want you to stick with us through this process." I probably would have signed on, especially if A, B, and C were discounts, lowered prices, real rewards, not a plastic water bottle or an discount ticket to Elitch's or an Avs game.

Instead I’m feeling insulted and played for a sucker right now. This isn’t the first time the Rapids have screwed up a season from start to finish but in the past they’ve made an effort until it was clearly a lost cause for even the most die-hard fans. Right now it feels like they gave up on this season around game 4.

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