Monday, July 31, 2017

Rock Bottom?

Really all I need to say about Saturday's game is shown in this quote of Pablo's to the Post:
"After the match, Mastroeni voiced his displeasure with the refereeing.
“Two stonewall penalties in the second half that would have changed the game for the good and they weren’t called and that’s how it goes,” Mastroeni said. “When you’re on the road, 1-0 late in the game like that, the chance to get a couple PKs is what you’re kind of playing for. In the end, it wasn’t the case.”"
 "the chance to get a couple of PKs is what you're kind of playing for"

Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?

You know, screw this team.  We've got a coach that has no interest in scoring apparently, a FO who's stringing the fans along from transfer window to transfer window with the continuing promise that the "next" window will be where we make our big moves, and a ownership group that can barely remember the name of the team, much less care about where we finish.

Somehow we're playing game 20 and are 10 points out of a playoff spot but we're playing for the chance to get a couple of PKs and maybe walk away with a draw.  All of last season we had 3 penalties called in our favor.  That's not a winning strategy.

Meanwhile after signing the underwhelming (but I am honestly hopeful) Aigner that plays the same position as Gashi the the next target is rumored to be George Fochive from Danish side Viborg.  I know, you're saying who?  Fochive is a 3rd round 2014 draft pick by the Timbers who made 15 appearances with them between being loaned out to USL sides.  He was then sold to Viborg before last season for $100K and he's made 25 appearances in his year and a half in Denmark.  He's a central/holding mid, another position the Rapids have in some abundance.  So at best a depth signing but also the type of player that 12 months from now will likely be playing in the USL.

Hey, there are still 9 whole days for the Rapids to do something, never mind that getting at best 13 games from whomever they pick up is going to be too little too late.

Man of the Match: Any ticket rep that can sell 500 non-C38 season tickets for 2018.  That's better performance than anything we're likely to see on the field in 2017.

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