Monday, August 28, 2017

I'm Done

That's it, I'm done with this team, at least for this year.  That was a shameful performance from the organization on Saturday night.  It started with a pregame show that featured a 4.5 minute segment on how well FSL is fitting into the community in SLC for no reason other than what, to shove it in the fans faces that their rival is doing so much better than them?  It continued into a game where pretty much the whole team gave up on that rivalry match after FSL scored a goal.  Slight credit to Cooke, the team did come out of the halftime locker room with a bit more fight but that dissipated quickly, leading to the worst loss of the season and putting us firmly in last place in the league.  Then it ended with a post-game where everyone wishes they had done better but no real acknowledgement of how they didn't live up to the standards of a professional team.

I waited until tonight to write this hoping that as everyone got back to Denver and we got into a normal "work day" we might see something out of the Front Office to address the fact we hit rock bottom on Saturday but other than an appreciative nod to the travelling supporters we haven't seen anything.

Clearly at this point this team doesn't value anything but getting this season over with, so fine, its over for me.  I'm strongly considering skipping the next home game to stay home and watch Washington-Fresno State.  As far as this blog I'll probably still do the basics (game previews, game reviews, etc.) but with only basic info, not much more than that.

We'll see how the final 9 games go and the offseason.  Based on that we'll see how much I want to write, or even follow this team.

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Mark Weatherley said...

I was more or less done about a month ago or so. I was talking to my ticket rep at the Rapids and asking him about the procedure for opting out. He explained it to me and also stated that the Rapids had made some positive moves, such as signing Boateng and that they had been victimized by injuries. Yes, but. . . this season was effectively over then there was a failure back in January to make multiple moves to upgrade the talent level.

As it became clear that the Rapids were headed towards oblivion on the pitch season ticket holders were having to make a decision about next season. I sincerely hope there were literally thousands how "opted out." That would send a strong message to the RFO.

At this point I have a hard time getting motivated to see another match at DSGP this season. We already skipped the Vancouver match and I imagine there will be others in September we just won't go to.

So now I am creating a check list in my mind of what it would take for me to consider getting season tickets again. One item on the list has happened already, fining Pablo. But there are many, many more things that have to happen before I will fork over money for season tickets ever again.