Monday, August 21, 2017

Is This Rock Bottom?

I was hoping this was a new dawn for the Rapids.  I was wrong.

Well, that game was one serious injury away from begin a complete cluster.  Hard to think of a worse way for the post-Pablo era to start.  Those were the two worst non-expansion clubs in the league and they played like it.  Ugly all the way around.
  • While Watts will rightfully get the flak for the own goal Howard was not being alert for the possible pass back.  Either he wasn't paying attention or didn't expect it, and after playing for this team for a year he should have expected it.
  • Really disappointed that Aigner couldn't make the 18.  I realize he was in his offseason before signing but that was 3.5 weks ago.  I would hope a professional athlete would be able to get into shape enough to be available for 15-20 minutes in that time.
  • 3 subs all before the 70th minute and none due to injury is something we haven't seen in a long time.
  • The Rapids were a bit unlucky to not score.  They had multiple good chances but didn't get the bounce they needed.
  • Overall though, bad soccer.  The 4 on 2 DC had early int he second half where they didn't even get a shot off was a good example.
  • Its obviously going to take some time to get Pablo's system out and something more attacking in place.  Credit to the team though, they looked like they were going for it in the 2nd half.
  • Two road games this week.  Portland on Wednesday night and an RMC match in Utah on Saturday.
Man of the Match: Dominique Badji.  In another game he would have had multiple goals with the chances he had in this one.

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