Thursday, August 10, 2017

Rapids Power Down In The Transfer WIndow

Well, that was anti-climatic.  After multiple published statements about improving the team in this window we got a new German winger who hasn't even started training with the team yet and at essentially literately at the deadline last night we swapped unwanted players with Orlando.  We'll start with last night's trade then look at the (lack of) activity int he window as a whole.

The basics of this trade is that we sent Dillon Powers,, who's contract is reported to be up at the end of the season, to Orlando for Luis Gil, who's on-loan from Queretaro of Liga MX until the end of the season.

That's the short answer, if you don't care about the gory details of MLS roster rules skip this paragraph.  Orlando also sent $100K in Targeted Allocation Money (TAM) along with Gil and both teams agreed to keep the cap hit for their original player (Powers' cap hit is about double Gil's).  The reason for the TAM is that Gil was originally a FSL player and they retained his MLS rights when he left.  As part of the deal loaning Gil to Orlando, Orlando had to acquire his rights from FSL.  They agreed to a minimum of $50K in TAM.  Also with every loan deal into MLS there's an option to buy the player.  The loan deal stipulated that if Orlando bought Gil at the end of the season the deal for Gil's rights from FSL would go up to $100K in TAM.  Colorado has taken over Orlando's place in the contract with this trade so we will pay $50K of TAM if we don't keep him and $100K of TAM if we do to FSL at the end of the year.  The reason the teams didn't trade cap hits is that with the window closed it really doesn't matter since any cap relief either team might have gotten couldn't be used until the offseason window, at which point both players would be out of contract anyway.

This is a pretty meh trade for the Rapids.  Gil and Powers are players with similar skills and similar difficulty finding their place on their old teams.  Gil is a bit more offensively minded than Powers, which the Rapids need, but I still where he'll play under Pablo.  Overall this is really an extended loan for both players with the teams having the ability to walk away at the end of the season if it doesn't work out.

Overall this was a wasted transfer window where the Rapids didn't finish the job they promised had started with the Cronin/Burch trade.  Remember the quote at the time of the trade was that it gave them the financial flexibility to target an offense threat and the rumors going into the window were a midfielder, a forward, and an outside back was the plan.  Even when the window opened Pablo told the Post that the plan was two players, one that would "raise the level of play".  Well, we got two players, barely, but not without having to give something up to do it, which doesn't scream "financial flexibility".

As one commentator on the league tweeted today, the Rapids have traded Cronin, Burch, and Powers for Saied, Gatt, and Gil.  That's amazingly bad by the Front Office.  Two of three players would be likely starters on many MLS teams and while I think Powers needed a change of scenery I think he can become a starter, elsewhere.  In return we got 3 players who would be unlikely to start for most MLS teams and who don't fix our core problem, our inability to score.

Since the end of last season we've now added a total of 3 experienced players without giving anyone up.  Boateng, who's spending more time on the bench than the field,  Gordon, who's good for 20 minutes a game, tops, and now Aigner, who won't even start training with the team until next week.  combined they've played 775 of a possible 3780 minutes, just over 20%.

Shockingly, a team that got rid of players like Jermaine Jones, Marco Pappa, and Sebastian Le Toux and replaced them with experience that only plays 20% of their possible minutes has gotten significantly worse.  Even worse than that, the Front Office has given no indication that they realize this is a problem or care about fixing it.  They are just stringing the fans along like suckers, now talking about the next transfer window in the winter and hoping we forget about their comments about the window that just closed.

The Rapids failed this transfer window, possibly the biggest failure they've had since they did nothing in the 2014 summer window.  There's a term for doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  The Rapids should learn it.


Brad Towne said...

Disagree on Said and Gatt.

If you take the long-view, and agree that 2017 was going to be a wasted year, then trading knowns in Burch, Cronin and Powers for two unknowns and one (in Gil) who at the very least is a bit more offensive, I think this may have benefits.

Gatt I still hold out hope will get it together finally. He has flashes. Said as well, even if a roster depth guy.

I think the bigger issue is that the big off-season move was Aigner, a player that was so desperate to leave, and who price was so low, that this felt like a move made not from need on the field, but from need from the FO to show they did something.

I think the MLS trades make sense for the Rapids if you assume 2017 is a farce and they are pieces of a grand plan. What is the problem however, is this team is 2 great signings away from having a semblance of an offense.

I can only hope that the cause of a lack of signings is Pablo, and not $$$$. The former can be dealt with and corrected in the future, the later is permanent until KSE sells this team.

Jason Maxwell said...

The problem with assuming 2017 was a wasted year is the FO was pretty adamant (before the season and early in the season) that their goal was to compete in 2017. Either they were lying or they're not good at building a roster. Either one is a poor reflection on them

Jester said...

Hey, look at the bright side, at least they're raising our ticket prices next year. My ticket rep actually had the gall to tell me they had to raise prices in order to be able to afford better players! He apparently thinks I'm new, even though I've told him, multiple times, that I've been a season ticket holder for 20 years now. He also gave me that old line, "wait for they winter window, when we'll be able to bring in better players". I lit him up on that one.

Jason Maxwell said...

That would be the winter window that 3 months ago tehy said i was hard to bring players in during?

Jester said...

Yes, he also said that since Smith just took over I should give him a year, to show what he could do. Same stick, different carrot.