Friday, February 1, 2008

Christian Gomez update and Bouna Time! highlights

Steven Goff reports that the Rapids and Christian Gomez have almost reached a deal.
The latest in the Christian Gomez saga is that Colorado has offered him a two-year, guaranteed contract with a base salary of at least $400,000 and bonuses/incentives that could bring his total compensation close to the $500,000 figure per season that he has desired all along. Gomez is apparently close to agreeing to the deal. If that happens, the Rapids will formally acquire his rights from D.C. United. The consensus among MLS folks is that, in exchange, United will receive significant financial considerations and perhaps draft picks.
This would be a good deal for the Rapids IF Gomez does not count as a DP. I'm not sure what "significant financial considerations" means, but I don't think the Rapids have that many resources to give away in that department. Draft picks are always a crap shoot, so I don't mind losing them.

Some of Bouna's highlight saves from yesterday's Senegal - South Africa match are now available on YouTube.

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Allen said...

IIRC the Rapids have 1 1/2 major allocations right now.