Monday, February 11, 2008

Clavijo shuffles the deck, again

Soccer America has a report from Rapids training camp detailing some of Clavijo's plans for the starting 11.

Clavijo expects the new Gomez to play up front as a second forward, which probably means one or two members of a forward brigade that also includes Conor Casey can't be retained. He's lined up a Brazilian defensive midfielder - name not yet known - to play alongside Pablo Mastroeni in central midfield, and the flanks are more or less secure with Terry Cooke on the right and Colin Clark on the left.

That's right, not 3 days into his official time with the Rapids and Gomez has already been moved out of his "natural" position by Clavijo. Meanwhile Clavijo's plan is to move back to the so-called 'empty bucket' formation that didn't succeed when it was Pablo and Beckerman in the formation for Tim Hankinson, and frustrated Beckerman to the point that Clavijo traded him when the Rapids tried to use it last season.

Time will tell if Clavijo has finally hit on the winning formation, but early indications aren't good.

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