Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rapids Odds and Ends

We've got some player rumors and preseason results since last I updated.

  • The Rapids are pursuing Brazilian forward Reinaldo from the Austrlian A-League. Reports are that they've filed a discovery claim on him, which would give them first shot at signing the target man. FSL is also pursuing the striker (and sorry about linking to an FSL news story ;) ). I'm all for a new target man who's good with his head, we need somebody to latch on to Cookie's crosses.
  • Also from that same link the Rapids have former U-17 player Fernando Ayala in camp. He's been playing in South America and Croatia since his time with the U-17's in 2003. His agent says he's confident Ayala will make the squad. given the amount of crap that agents say and the ups and downs of Clavijo's personnel moves that probably means the odds are 50/50 at best. ;)
  • The Rapids faced Florida Atlantic on Friday night, playing to a 0-0 draw over 3 30 minute periods. The only expected starters for Opening Day in the starting 11 were Erpen, Burciaga Jr., Cooke, and Clark. Peterson and Cummings played up front and with the fluidity of our forward situation they may or may not be opening day starters. Niko and Kirovski played the middle 30 minutes up front, otherwise it was a mixture of reserves and trialists that made up the lineup. Hard to take much away from this game.
  • On Saturday the Rapids faced Honduran club Marathon in a 40 minute scrimmage, winning 3-0 on a Cummings goal and two own goals by Marathon. The starting 11 featured the same 4 expected Opening Day starters, with Peterson and Cummings up front. Again, not much to be drawn from this match.

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