Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Niko traded

(Sorry about the lack of updates, a long weekend of travel combined with a week of training at work has diminished my blogging time recently)

The Rapids made a move today, sending Niko Hernandez to Columbus for Tim Ward and a 3rd round pick in the '09 Supplimental Draft.

This was a solid move by the Rapids. Niko showed nothing last year and for the amount of money he is going to get in 2008 he would have been a very expensive bench player. Tim Ward is a left back, a position we're already quite deep at, but he's Generation Adidas which means his salary does not count against the cap and he doesn't take up a roster spot. This gives us some freedom to either trade one of our left backs or try one of them out on the right side as both Ihemelu and Gargan are recovering from injury and may not be ready for Opening Day.

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peleorei said...

This move frees the Rapids up move Burciaga up to left midfield, where he has shown he can attack and defend. The move is a solid one and gives the Rapids depth in the back which was really needed. Niko added no value.