Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another Verse, Same as the First

Keepin' It Real has made another attempt to trash talk before tomorrow's game. I'll give them credit for improving from their first attempt, but still pretty weak. The statement that "Statistically speaking, they should have won something/anything just by sheer dumb luck of the draw" might have meant more if a quarter of the league hadn't failed to win something in that time. Hard to say dumb luck should get you a championship when 1 out 4 failed to do so.

And they do a nice job of cherry-picking stats from the current year for comparison. What they left out was Goals scored, Rapids: 29, FSL: 25, Goal differential, Rapids: -1, FSL: -2, Total wins, Colorado: 7, FSL: 7, along with FSL's worse road record I mentioned on Tuesday. I'm not seeing much to seperate Colorado and FSL this season, and when we win tomorrow Colorado will pass FSL in the standings, just like they've done every year.

But no surprise that FSL fans like to divert attention from how bad they've been by focusing on the failures of the Rapids. Anyone who's read this blog knows that I'm the first to say that the Rapids have been a complete failure at getting one of the 3 major MLS trophies, but as bad as we've been, look at FSL in comparison.

  • Rapids first 4 years: 3 playoff appearances, 1 MLS Cup appearance, 1 US Open Cup final appearance, overall record of 61 wins in 128 games.

  • FSL first 4 years: 0 playoff appearances, 1 USOC game won (game, not trophy), overall record 28 wins in 115 games

  • And to deal with the whining from the FSL fans that comparing 1996-1999 to 2005-2008 isn't fair, here's the Rapids list for 2005-2008

  • Rapids last 4 years: 2 playoff appearances (Including 2 Western Conference Final appearances), 2 USOC games won (Including beating FSL), overall record of 40 wins in 115 games. Oh, and finishing in front of FSL each of the last 3 years.

  • So to answer the question posed by Keeping It Real,

    So if Salt Lake is fake, what does that make Colorado?

    Better than you

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