Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weak attempt at trash talking from the West side

Yep, that time of year again when the Rapids head over to SLC to put a beat-down on FaKe SaLt LaKe. Some people may have seen the weak attempt at trash talk by the FSL blog Keepin' It Real. Let's look at their list of "trash talk".

  • Clavijo - Like every Rapids fan wasn't talking trash about Clavijo

  • Roof at the Dick - Well FSL fans have never been creative, no wonder they can't see any point in having a unique roof. Given the stadium they play in, FSL fans really shouldn't try to talk trash about the Dick.

  • KSE/Rapids FO's attempt to kill the atmosphere at the Dick - Again, something the Rapids fans have complained about all year

  • Pablo - Yeah, sucks for FSL that the Rapids have a player better than any 3 FSL players put together

  • Nuggets - NBA? Who cares.

A weak attempt from West of the Rockies, much like their soccer team. Its been the same list of trash talk for 3 years. Clavijo, Dick jokes, atmosphere sucks, and Pablo. You'd think they would come up with something new, but that would require FSL fans to wake up and realize that its no longer 2005, even if their team hasn't changed at all since then.

As bad as Clavijo has been the Clavijo-led Rapids have finished in front of FSL each of the last 3 years, and we'll move ahead of them when we beat them on Friday. For all the talk about the "great fans" in SLC, its the Rapids fans you hear on the telecasts of RMC games from RES games and its a Rapids fan who heard us from the other side of RES and came to join us. And unlike the FSL fans, Rapids fans don't resort to throwing bottles and pipe bomb threats when the Rapids lose. The FSL hated Beckerman as much as Pablo, claiming that they never wanted to see him play for FSL, but a soon as the trade happened they flip-flopped and started supporting him. You'll never see me supporting Carlos Ruiz (My least favorite MLS player), even if he pulled on a Rapids jersey. FSL fans are a joke, no wonder they root for the team they do.

FSL's good season is a mirage built on playing on that concrete mess they call a field. Too bad for them that the Rapids have a winning record in RES, going 3-1-2 (W/D/L) over the last 3 seasons in SLC, so they can't expect that to help them this week. Meanwhile they are worse than the Rapids on the road, an impressive achievement, getting only 4 points in 10 games away from Utah. So even if they get a miracle draw on Friday there's no way they'll get the 2 goal win they need in the Dick in October. Might as well just give us the Rocky Mountain Cup now guys, and save yourselves the effort of hauling it to Denver for us at the end of the season.


Jayd8888 said...

WORD! It's not all bad in Salt Lake. They still lead the nation in road salt production and religous oppression. For you road trippers, remeber to stop in Grand Junction and buy the good beer ahead of time.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for the confetti Jason.

Jester said...

Them talking smack about our stadium is funny. Their new stadium is a total rip-off of ours, with the exception of the roof. Instead of using the roof design from our stadium, they copied the roof from OUR airport!

Third world country? Ever been to Salt Lake? Arm pit of the west!

Have you heard about the new FSL coed doll? Put a ring on her finger and her thighs swell up!